Realisation of another World !

Fundamentals for "How can I remain happy in any situation ?"

How many worlds a Human Have ? One ? 
No ! 
There are two worlds. The One which we all already know. that is “Outer world”. A Combination of People, Things and Events. 
The another world, most people hardly conscious about, Called “Inner World”. A combination of 4 elements. 

  1. Mind – That can pay attention
  2. Intellect – That can store memory and interpret as per the knowledge and logic
  3. Emotion – Sense of various type of Inner Energy
  4. Ego – Level of self importance

You will see, The Inner world is far bigger than the outer world, Another Secret I realised that all above 4 elements are inter dependent. For example, the more we pay attention to something, the emotion attached with that thing become stronger. The more we think about a person, the more energy of love generate within.

To understand the relation between inner world and outer world, i have created info-graphic chart below  


Body is the link between the inner and Outer world. Body have many organs. Five Organs (eyes, nose, ears, tongue, skin) are responsible to receive outer world element and send to inner world. These five organs called Jnanendriya (જ્ઞાનેન્દ્રિય).Due to outer world sensation by organs, the inner world affects.Person respond its inner world situation by means of Voice and Action. Hence, Tongue and Skin are two organs that express inner world to outer world. These two organs called Karmendriya(કર્મેન્દ્રિય).  

If Person is week, outer world may disturb the inner world elements, particular on ego and emotion. If the person is strong enough, outer wold does not affect the inner world. 

Strong Person can generate any emotion regardless of any sensation received from outer world.

Do you have question like “How can I remain happy in any situation ?” Here, Happiness is the fundamental nature of inner world. Situation is matter of outer world. so the answer I get – “Let the outer world do not effect to your inner world” This sounds crazy but to do so, we need so much awareness to our inner world. 

Keep Inner Self Happy at any cost and become source of happiness for the outer world” that is nothing but Art Of Living. Happiness of our self is responsibility of our self only, Not others. For that introspection is needed.

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