Life Simplified – 6 Fields to play 

Here a Question comes – How should we balance our life? Once you get an answer of the above

Imagine, you are on the moon surface looking at Earth. You see Billions of creatures running to get Food. Special Creature – Human running after things like Money, Fame, Power along with the Food. Hence, human life is more complex than other creatures. Human beings have family, society, small wishes and dreams, ambitions, willingness to have fun, getting knowledge. Along with all these, they have to face bad moments. They fall sick. They want to do so many things, but time is limited. With just 24 Hours a day, they need to manage so many things.


Here a Question comes – How should we balance our life?

Once you get an answer of the above question, life literally gets simplified. And once the life is simplified, you enjoy each and every moments of life. To simplify life, I have divided life in six fields.


1. Relationships

Investing time in Nurturing relations always makes sense. Making relations better with friends, family, clients, coworkers, even competitors may automatically create supporters in our good or bad moments of life.


2. Profession 

Investing time in enhancing Professional skills/ developing business / Making money / getting knowledge always makes sense in our life.


3. Health

Health is everything. Think of it. Body is the link between you and the outer world. Being happy without good health is impossible. No matter how the relation is with any person, how much money you have, Health should be on the top of our priority list. Investing time in maintaining health is one’s own job, and not rely on others’.


4. Social Responsibility

Investing time for making society and nature better for our next generation is our responsibility.


5. Hobby

Invest time to do the activities that give you inner joy. Hobby does not necessarily lead to the path of money/ fame. It gives inner joy. If you practice your hobby everyday, you become a master, your hobby connects with your soul, and you feel more satisfied while practicing day by day.


6. Introspection / Spirituality 

Invest time to know who you are, Why do you exist- it’s called spirituality. If you close your eyes and look inside you may find four things – mind, intelligence, emotions and ego. Having control over these four elements will be a great win. It is the tool to remain happy in any situation.




You see, all above six fields point to the same purpose – “remaining healthy and gaining permanent inner happiness” – it’s called full blossoming state. To achieve this state, you may have to leave all the activities that do not fall under above six fields. If you have overlooked any field, for example Relationship or Hobby, you may start investing time in that as soon as possible.


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