How to get Maximum out of College

Some of the important directions to get the most out of college apart from few memories with friends

Getting a certificate from college is a costly deal, not only in terms of money but also it consumes the most important period of one’s career. I went to college with a hope, but fortunately I realized early that college does not guarantee you to achieve your goals. Below are some of the important directions to get the most out of college apart from few memories with friends and a piece of certificate.


No 1: Spend maximum time in Library

Choose your favorite section in library and read every day. It does not mean to use maximum resources of library, but only read what excites you, that can teach you lessons.




No 2: Always take part in competitions

Competitions have always been exciting for me. Enjoy win and experience loss. This will help you to compete better in real life, may be in business / job. College may not grant you attendance for this, but you may use all your bunks anyway.



No 3:  Be an active member of any students’ committee

No matter what post you are given by your predecessors, it’s your choice to effectively manage the responsibility in your department. For example, I was executive head in ISTE Students’ Chapter which I consider one of the most important factors that shaped leadership and responsibility.



No 4:  Attend workshops/ crash courses / seminars

College syllabus may be obsolete and theoretical but workshops/ crash courses / seminars teach you practical and most recent trends. One should not miss such opportunities if the topic is relevant to you.




No 5: Choose college projects as big as you can

Every year, students need to take up projects as a part of their curriculum. Challenge yourself to come out of your comport zone and create bigger and bigger projects over the period. You may build a team to accomplish big projects. It creates strong chances of the fact that your ideas may open a door for your future.


No 6: Start a venture that generates money

You may not agree with this point, but starting a venture in a field you think you are expert will help you learn to make money; this may blur the importance of certificate for which you may have joined the college.

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